Do You Want to Learn How to Change the Battery on Your Watch? Here’s How

Posted by Game Time Watches on Mar 24th 2023

You look at your watch and realize that you’re already running late. You’re sure that you woke up early and followed your usual routine, but for some reason, you’re late this time. Or maybe, it’s just your watch battery dying on you.

Whether you’re using a men’s casual watch or a men’s sport watch, here are some steps to follow when changing the battery of your watch:

Read your watch’s manual first.

You invested a reasonable sum of money in that men’s casual watch, so you can’t just open it and risk damaging it by doing it improperly. The first step to ensuring you’re changing the battery appropriately is to read your watch’s manual first. In most cases, that manual will have instructions on removing the cap on your watch and replacing the battery without damaging it.

1.Use the right tools.

Sports watches for men are designed differently from each other, so you need to use the right tool to make sure you can open the watch back safely. For instance, if you see screws on your watch back, you need to use a small screwdriver to remove each screw carefully before pulling off the back plate. Store the screws safely because it’s often hard to find a replacement if you lose one or two screws. On the other hand, if you have a snap-back watch, you can use a coin or small flathead screwdriver to insert it into the watch’s indentation to remove it easily. Never use anything with a sharp edge to remove the snap back, as it can cause damage to your watch.

2. Remove and replace your battery carefully.

Don’t be in a rush when replacing your battery to avoid making mistakes that could cause your watch to malfunction. It would be best to use a pair of old tweezers to remove the old battery from the watch carefully. Never use your hand or pop the battery out of the watch. You should also use a pair of dust-free latex gloves when changing your batteries to keep the dust and dirt from getting inside your watch and causing damage.

3.Return the snap-back or back casing properly.

Once you’re done replacing the battery of your men’s casual watch, make sure that you return the back casing carefully. If the back has screws, put each screw back tightly and check if there are any loose screws before using your watch again. If it’s a snap back, seal the casing in place, and again, check if it’s secured before wearing the watch. This will help you avoid any accidents where the battery could fall out of the watch, or you could lose the back casing, which can be quite a hassle.

Now, if you’re not too confident about replacing the battery of your men’s casual watch, you can always take your watch to experts who can do the job for you.